Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Congrats Kharma

PRE-BLOG NOTE: Not apologizing this time for being away the last 10 days/ish; I ended up working a fair bit last week and then was away for the weekend at a church conference. We'd gotten a little regular blogging going the week before, and I should be back to that now - but just as an FYI.

I'm going to save getting into the meat of RAW for ITVR Thursday, but I did want to give a congratulations to Kharma on her (non-kayfabe) pregnancy. We couldn't figure out the ridiculous storyline last week, after she's been coming out decimating the women's division, where she comes otu seemingly on the warpath, only to collapse and cry. Matt Dawgs over at World Wrestling Insanity ( - cut and paste, too lazy to create a link lol) mentioned on Friday the heretofore missed, but obvious, link of a woman going out of action unexpectedly for a bit over 9 months ... thus her announcement yesterday was not entirely unexpected.

While she claims she will be out of action due to her high risk pregnancy, I think any pregnancy should involve not, you know, doing the pro wrestling thing. And while this obviously puts a damper on her monster persona, and takes her character in a different and unexpected direction I was concerned about (particularly giving her promo time, which I don't recall she's had before), didn't turn out as badly as I feared. Very interesting, and perhaps the highlight of Raw last night (and how often can we say that about the women's action?)

Not a bad show, all in all, for a holiday Monday on which they had a LOT of technical difficulties (and extremely out of character, as the WWE is usually one of the more smoothly-run and technically proficient spo ... entertainment, excuse me, companies out there. But again - we'll discuss all that and more In This Very Ring, later this week.

Thanks for bearing with me - as I said, it's annoying to get on a roll and then have it interrupted so hopefully all those glitches are gone now and it's smooth sailing at least through the summer.


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