Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A major Apology

So -

One week we have readjusting to our 'real lives' ...

The next we had weekend company, which means prepping for said company beforehand. Sorry - this has meant spotty wrestling watching, and in terms of stuff one can follow on the dirtsheets, not a whole lot going on, other than TNA's name change (although want to make more of a point of watching them in the coming weeks, with the return of Mick Foley last week, as well as the return of Joanie Laurer, aka Chyna, after a 10-year absence from the ring). There was Christian's (suckitudinous) loss of the world title after 5 days in a (not so suckitudinous) match with Randy Orton, which bugs me on so many levels - poor Christian. Even last night's Raw, which we'd cleared the decks for, resulted in a 10pm doze for both of us.

However rest assured we'll get back in the saddle, review some recaps, and make our bold predictions for Sunday's Extreme Rules PPV - you will hear from us Friday if not sooner and I will try to blog between now and then - perhaps my thoughts on Impact Wrestling Thursday night as we tune in to check out Chyna!

Meanwhile - pardon the general ups and downs of 2011 so far (if I had to assess, we're broadcasting less frequently but putting together better shows when we do, which can't be a bad thing), and I think we're into enough of a routine now we can pull it together henceforth. If not, we know we can count on you guys to be there when you can, and cut us some slack when we can't, and thanks as always for your support, which we don't so much take for granted, as just know you're cool peeps like that!

XO - Sar


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