Friday, May 6, 2011

Thoughts for Shane Helms and his Girlfriend Karen

Hi all,

As this was the first week for Ari being off parental leave and back at work it's been a busy one for all of us and quite the changeup in routine. We didn't have the opportunity to catch much wrestling, between that and the boys having slowly moved towards a 9pm bedtime (sigh ...) - however, we have now recorded (or will have after tonight) Raw, Sunday's PPV, and tonight's Smackdown, and will come atcha with an ITVR podcast tomorrow.

Meanwhile however I want to report on a very serious situation in which former WWE wrestler Shane Helms was injured, along with his girlfriend Karen, in a very serious motorcycle accident today. While it seems both are out of the woods, it was at first a very critical situation and both have suffered broken bones. Helms is expected to require surgery. My thoughts and prayers are with both of them and their family and friends at this time, for a speedy and healthful recovery. Best of wishes from In This Very Ring.

Much love and respect,

Sarah and Ari


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