Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In This Very Ring tomorrow night

There's much to talk about in the wrestling world this week and we will touch on them all tomorrow night (was going to do a Raw review and discuss the upcoming Wrestlemania 25 DVD but I've been sick and while recovered, I'm still a bit tired, so I think we can do that on the air tomorrow).

It's weird too because it feels like it's basically been quiet, no one thing meriting an article from me (minus Raw, which as I say at this point I'll leave to be discussed tomorrow night, give us something on air to talk about), but quite a few things taken in sum have actually made it a newsworthy weekend which I was too sick to cover (recovering now, but still tired).

So on that score, tune in tomorrow night to ITVR with my husband Ari and I where we will be discussing

- Smackdown and Raw this week and their uses of their new draftees
- The WM25 DVD release - what was included? What was not?
- Real world news, in particular the ongoing legal woes of the Hogans, and the Benoit's Dr. Astin who was just sentenced to 10 years in jail.
- And last but not least, Judgement Day predictions.

Sound like a packed show? It is - as I said we'll be discussing all the things I haven't had the energy to discuss these past few days, and which I'm still a *bit* too sluggish to do justice to right now. But we'll be back tomorrow night and better than ever after a couple of off weeks, so be sure and join us, then, tomorrow night, right here ... In This Very Ring.


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