Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Eventful News ... DAY!

So some interesting bits and bytes to hit on in the wrestling world today!

  • The Hulkamania Tour press conference turned into a bloody mess, literally, today as Ric Flair showed up and went nuts on his main event opponent, Hulk Hogan. In proof kayfabe (look it up) is alive and well in Australia, apparently the (worked) incident made mainstream press, as those present looked on dumbfoundedly.
  • In good news following up on my earlier report, Brock Lesnar has been released from the hospital today; while perhaps not soon, his prognosis is good and he is likely to fight again under UFC auspices sometime next year.
  • Former WWE luminary "Superstar" Billy Graham criticized Linda McMahon's running for the US Senate, stating that while she might look like a cuddly schoolma'arm, her hands are just as dirty with WWE smut as Vince McMahon's, and accusing them of being disengenuous in trying to clean their product up in anticipation of Linda's run for the Republican nomination in Connecticut's 2010 Senate race. Amazing, though, what prefacing such a statement with an acknowledgement of being disgruntled and bitter can do to undermine your basic point, Superstar!
  • Former Ring of Honor head and current head of Dragon's Gate USA Gabe Sapolsky criticized last night's Smackdown tapings, at which he was in attendance; in other news, Chris Jericho doesn't care (check out his Twitter at @iamjericho to see his response).
All this and more we will discuss in greater detail, of course, tomorrow night on our podcast right here In This Very Ring, provided everything goes as planned. Per usual, it will be uploaded in the late-ish evening. Be sure and check back then! Peace and headlocks! XO


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