Thursday, November 5, 2009

Programming Note

ITVR will be on tomorrow night; this is not a lazy postponement or even a busy 'we just lost time' postponement like last week; tomorrow is an early morning as we need to line up for wristbands with Little Tyke at around 6:30am. Thusly, heading to bed around ... now. But we will definitely be up and running tomorrow. Some topics for discussion:

  • Hulk Hogan's starting in TNA
  • Jeff Hardy legal update
  • The Osbornes on Raw
  • Jim Ross health update
  • WWE 24/7 On Demand Service's 5th anniversary
  • And more.
Yes, a lot of those things were also stories last week, or at least days ago and have been addressed here already; since Hogan's TNA arrival last week, it's been a slow week in the world of wrestling so if we were going to have a week of slacking (not really slacking, I've been job hunting, and such like) this wasn't an awful one. October was a busy month after awhile of no travel and few visitors, each week has had SOMETHING going on! But things should have calmed down now (this month is LT's 1st birthday, but the worst that will interfere with is one ITVR, MAYBE, not an entire week of blogging). Anyway, thanks either way for your patience and be sure and join us tomorrow! :) Be well.


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