Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Monday Night Raw

OK so I didn't mean to go 3 days without posting, especially with a 3-hour Raw on Monday night, but it's been a slow newsweek other than that Raw, and while I would have posted about it yesterday, it was Ari's birthday and we ended up out most of the evening. But briefly, my thoughts on Raw, to be more fleshed out in tomorrow night's podcast of In This Very Ring.

I want to compliment WWE first of all, to say it was a great concept to give non-former-champions a chance at a #1 contendership on gust host Jesse Ventura's part. Leave it to him to be the face for something a bit daring and original. Jesse, to explain, opened the show by announcing a tournament for the #1 contendership in which only those who have never held a world title could compete. The winners of the matches over the course of the night would compete in a Battle Royal at the end of the show to determine the #1 contender. I was quite disappointed when Randy Orton, for his petitioning, received a berth in the tournament, and especially when he went on to the Battle Royal; I was at least hoping this might add to some tension with his other never-held-the-belt Legacy cohorts, although that didn't come to be, or at least not as the main focus of Raw.

I was also disappointed Seamus won as opposed to Kofi Kingston who they've been pushing to the moon, but it makes sense from the point of view that John Cena's a face, and Kofi Kingston is an even more popular face - WWE wouldn't want SUCH a disparity in fan cheers as would arise in that match. I can't help but feel Seamus sort of got to the main event out of nowhere, but at least a tournament is perhaps a more legitimate way of establishing oneself than 'Well I haven't won in months but I've *always* been in the main event' ... eh Shawn? (sorry ... pains me, but true). His monster heel rise out of nowhere, and beatdown on Cena leaving him in the ascendant, is very reminiscent of old school Hulk Hogan booking; let's see if that works in 2009.

Hornswoggle sued DX for their (awkward and less-than-amusing) beatdown last week; they will be facing off 'in court' next week, presumably moderated by "Justice" Verne Troyer, aka Mini-Me from Austin Powers, a little person who will be guest-hosting next week's Raw. This could be incredibly amusing, or incredibly ... no, it will be incredibly awful. And I'm a DX fan. :P

But the wrestling was incredibly strong this night, by definition as all those competing should be at least somewhat deserving of title shot consideration, and bringing their 'A' game in order to get that consideration, and even the 'entertainment' aspect was strong, as I enjoyed the return of the Gobbledygooker, and Vince McMahon's return to the announce position as quasi-face/neutral blow-by-blow guy. The food fight-threatening scenes backstage with everyone saying what they're thankful for, resulting in Vicki Guerrero taking a pie to the face, were also classic, although some were stronger than others. My only complaint about this actual week's show was the throw-away nature of the DX-Hart Legacy match. This was something that should have been built to as a PPV match, given the history here; and even if we want to give it away on free TV (assuming the obvious that Uncle Bret's dealings with the WWE have ultimately fallen through; if not, giving this away NOT on pay per view is unforgiveable), at least have some build and hype to it. There are many people, if properly informed ahead of time, who would have set time aside to see this match. As per usual, WWE, not on the promotional ball.

Nonetheless, the show presented was strong, and hopefully remains strong as they build to the TLC pay per view in ... sigh ... 2 1/2 weeks. :P We will talk about this show, and any other wrestling news from the rest of the week, tomorrow night in our podcast, which always goes up around 11pm/12am Eastern; so be sure and check back here then, as we look forward to seeing you In This Very Ring. :)


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