Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Last Night's RAW ...

was a decent show with some solid wrestling and some good entertainment. Ozzy and Sharon Osborne clearly aren't regular wrestling fans with a deep familiarity with the product, but obviously enjoyed themselves, and they worked in (a) Ozzy's lack of focus and (b) their lack of working knowledge of the product by having wrestlers suggest matchmaking to them by whispering (probably also a great way of reminding them of their lines, especially Ozzy, if need-be). I enjoyed the DX stuff (reference to run sheets and segments, and Shawn's (fictitious) multitudinous, apparently, degrees in various arcane subjects from obscure universities), although it was incredibly random in some places (Shawn Michaels as renaissance man, as mentioned above), and while John Cena did the usual juvenile cheesy stuff in response to them, it played nicely all together. I enjoy Hornswoggle trying to find a new gimmick (such as Jack Osborne) as he can't use the DX gimmick anymore, and I didn't even mind (terribly) the Raw's Got Talent segment. I think they could have done more to sell the Survivor Series, but it's still a couple of weeks away and they didn't *completely* ignore it - at least not the main event. Building up an undercard might be a good next step however. Not the most 'important' or memorable show therefore, but an enjoyable two hours featuring most of the Raw cast in good matches and/or entertainment segments.

We'll speak more of this onThursday night of course, on In This Very Ring's podcast; be sure and tune in then. Meanwhile be sure to head over to to check out Jason Powell's report on Hulk Hogan, TNA's newest acquisition, at Mall of America today ... plenty of good (less-than-truthful, though) Hogan soundbites about TNA, Vince McMahon, and his role in the wrestling world. :) Good stuff, check it out. And see you right back here again in two nights (if not sooner) ... in this very ring! :)


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