Monday, April 28, 2008

Backlash last night

Hi guys just a quick note before I start my RAW coverage. We didn't get to see much of Backlash last night; as I mentioned it was Passover: we thought the repeat started at 11:30 - not so much. More like 11pm. So we missed what sounded like the best match on the show, or one of them - Matt Hardy vs. MVP. And I anyway was asleep just shortly before the 4-way introductions.

That said, what I saw of the PPV - and what I've heard of it - it was a great show, probably one of the best 'off-brands' as we used to call them, in awhile. A worthy followup to Wrestlemania, with its own ample share of drama. Even Big Show-Khali, while awful and well-deserving of the 'Boring' chants, was as good as I expected it to be, and perhaps even exceeded said expectations. The women's match was even more than passable, and to me merited at least a couple of stars. The drama of Edge's severe defeat and injury (worked, I'm assuming) was also top notch, as well as Triple H's re-ascent to his throne.

And my biggest source of pride? :D I made ONE actual miscall - I called Randy Orton to retain the WWE title, whereas Triple H won it. I DID call that as the darkhorse (as opposed to Cena or JBL), but I am willing to admit that doesn't count, and it was hedging my bets. I was actually more sure that Trips would beat Orton for it one-on-one further down the road a month or two. The only other thing I predicted that didn't happen wasn't an actual results call as a booking/angle call - I thought there would be a fair number of countout/DQ/schmozzy endings going on here, as there were lots of matches in which both competitors or teams (in the case of the ladies) needed to be kept strong - they managed to do that without resorting to faulty finishes though, which I appreciated. So good job.

And the Mike Adamle ribbing? Good on y'all! :) At least we can recognize what he is, call a spade a spade, and perhaps make it a part of the angle. As long as Adamle is in on the joke, instead of the butt of it, I think I'm OK with that. Anyway - off to check out Raw. Will be back later with some thoughts. Thanks for checking back in all! XO


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