Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rah Rah RAW!

What a Raw last night was! Perhaps I was just an easy audience as I had been going through wrestling withdrawal due to a broken Satellite Dish - but I was thoroughly entertained. Some of the highlights:

  1. 1. Go Shawn! Speaking as a Canadian, and one of the biggest Bret Hart fans I know, I actually agree desperately with Shawn that there comes a point one should stop having to apologize for their past. They've either changed, or not; you've either accepted that change, or not. No apologies, at this point, are going to change anyone's opinion in favour of Michaels. Conversely, no lack of remorse is going to change the minds of those who love him. Therefore, he hit just the right note of 'I've changed', and yet defiance.
  2. Conversely, Chris Jericho was also pitch-perfect. I hate to say I'm excited to see him turn heel because I LOVE cheering him. I don't want to have to boo him. But he's an awesome heel, because whatever little restraints face-dom puts on his character are then set aside. Way to go, Y2J!
  3. Some major focus on tag team and chick wrestling - all in one week! Now, I hope this is the start of a trend of listening to us fans, although I'm nervous it isn't: they've started some hints of Cryme Tyme breaking up, as well as Cade and Murdoch and they've even teased dissension between Kendrick and London ... I hope this isn't the tag division going out in a blaze of glory. On the plus side - go Mickey!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  4. Willy Regal can wrestle! He doesn't have the most exciting style, and perhaps Orton doesn't 'jazz' it up enough to put him in the ring with Mr. Regal, but I enjoyed the matt-based, European style match. That said, my one suggestion to Regal: please oh please don't be so sloppy, especially in moves such as suplexes where you are being trusted with your opponent's head and spinal column in particular. At least one of those, if not a couple, looked like awfully nasty drops, and I don't think Orton was completely working us by favouring his neck after the match.
  5. Trips vs. JBL was another match that was hardly exciting but good for what it was ...
Which I suppose sums up the whole show. This week was not the 'pay off': next week's 3 hour King of the Ring tournament on Raw, and the following week's "Backlash" PPV are the 'big shows' (apologies to Paul Wight). But this was a solid show, with solid work both in-ring and on the mic (hell, Mike Adamle wasn't as suckitudinous as he usually is), which featured a LOT of in-ring action, and a couple tag team-based matches and angles, as well as a women's title change (you lucky Brits!). On the whole: good show - keep it up.


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