Saturday, April 12, 2008

Comments on some WWE Developments

So didn't get to see Smackdown - satellite will be fixed tomorrow we were just waiting for the rain to stop so we could mix the concrete and fix it up - but I did hear about some of the goings-on. First, excited about the arrival of Natalya "Nattie" Neidhart on SD in the women's division - can't wait to see her end up going 'round with Beth Phoenix. What a bruising match that will be! I know it will take some face-heel finagle-age, and some brand mixing-up, but it would still be an awesome, hard-hitting, stiff match: something you don't see much of in Diva-land.

Also, excited that they're pursuing the MVP-Matt Hardy feud and finally giving Matty his US Title shot. I'm a *little* upset they hotshotted it; with him being out, they should have taken some time to rebuild the feud and maybe give him the shot at Vengeance as opposed to Backlash - but I also understand they've been building this up for almost a year now, Matt's illness with his appendicitis was a major setback to an angle they were finally going to blow off, so maybe they don't want to make fans wait much longer. I see both sides - either way it can be salvaged with an awesome match-rematch (if Matt wins). I await that before rendering my verdict.

And lastly - Undertaker vs. Festus? Does this qualify as mismatch of the year yet? Like, really. MAYBE JBL vs. that Irish guy from ECW comes in ahead of that, but otherwise ... boo!

Before I go - on a non-SD related note, just a commentary on WWE's invitation to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to appear on the Raw broadcast before the Pennsylvania primaries: *I* would take them up on it, personally. You can reach out to a group who doesn't usually vote, and where else can you get a platform of 8 million young voters all at once? Go for it! Do it! It will make you look cooler than anything else you can possibly do ... lol. And even if not ... well, do it anyway, I beg you - please spare us the Rosie O'Donnell-Donald Trump-esque look-not-so-alikes that are inevitable if you *don't* make an appearance. Please? And thanks. ;)


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