Sunday, April 6, 2008

Smackdown from Fri.

So I still haven't had a chance to see SD as our satellite is still busted - and no one sent me in a report! (shame on y'all ... lol) However I have read some of the synopses and it sounds like it was an overall good show. Some highlights I managed to catch on Youtube:

  1. The Batista-Shawn Michaels promo: interesting. They both have a defensible stance - Shawn DID just do what Ric Flair asked him to do at Wrestlemania; he brought nothing less than his "A" game, and Flair, per storyline, simply couldn't withstand it. However, Shawn has a reputation which precedes him of not doing jobs, and so it's understandable Batista could be wary of Shawn's intentions and motives. A great opportunity to create a couple of potential tweeners, before 'Tista inevitably (in my opinion, as opposed to Michaels) turns heel.
  2. The end of the Diva Contest, and the arrival of Nattie Neidhart! The first part of the preceding sentence holds not because the final was particularly riveting - they just came out to hear who won - but because this stupid ass contest is over! The second half speaks for itself. A beautiful Diva who can actually wrestle, from the fabled Hart family; this can (I HOPE!) only mean good things for the future of women's wrestling. While it would have been nice to have her come in as face to wrestle Victoria on SD, or else show up on Raw where the actual women's division is, there was some satisfaction derivine from seeing her pummel Michelle McCool and Cherry - so it's all good.
  3. Kane vs. Undertaker for the first time in a couple years. Plus their reunion at the end to take out the Rated R-my and do their signature pose at the end of the ramp w/matching titles held aloft. Ooooh, the old days. Paul Bearer would be proud!
So as I said, that's all I got a chance to see on Youtube. Feel free to provide any further reporting, comments or feedback if you've got it! :D Thanks.


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