Thursday, April 17, 2008

A quick check-in

Due to a bit of a family situation - my parents' dog, and mine before I moved out on my own, has been sick the last few days and passed away this morning - and there not being a whole lot of wrestling news other than speculation of participants and winners of the King of the Ring tournament, and Samoa Joe's long-awaited (but, I think, diminished due to the long wait) TNA Title reign, I haven't particularly felt inspired to write the last day or two. But I wanted to let you, my reading faithful, know that I will write either tomorrow night or Saturday about those two events, plus anything coming out of Smackdown, and Mike Adamle's atrocious debut as ECW lead announce dude (the other somewhat-newsworthy event of this week), in a mega-entry. I just didn't figure at this point it was worth writing a midsized entry when my heart isn't in it, just to do the same tomorrow - let's save it, and it will all come out in one piece. Tune in Saturday at the latest for what is bound to be a beyond-brilliant entry. ;) Meanwhile, be well. XO Sarah


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