Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Draft last night, ITVR tomorrow

Hi guys - I meant to write a nice long entry on Monday's draft lottery and the Raw show in general, but the day kind of got away from me. For now I'll generalize by saying, the show was happily wrestling heavy (which the draft show tends to be, as drafts depend on match results, it usually means a 9-or-10 match card at least), and while a few matches could have stood to be longer (Rey Mysterio-Evan Bourne; Miz-Kofi Kingston), they were mostly good, relatively few clunkers (and the ones which were clunky were entertaining, such as Santino Marella-Great Khali). It was disappointing after a show built around the draft, that the final match was not a draft; it was also disappointing that someone other than Randy Orton's Wrestlemania opponent didn't get a shot at him next week. But overall an entertaining show with a few surprising spots.

Ari and I will talk about Raw, and wrestling in general, in more detail at our usual time tomorrow, right here on our podcast In This Very Ring. Be sure and check it out. Until then, be well.


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