Saturday, April 18, 2009

Not much to write about

So missed Smackdown this week, and there hasn't been a whole lot of 'real-world' news as we said on ITVR Wednesday. I've actually been blogging over on my main blog more than here as there hasn't been much to say about wrestling.

I am going to try to catch SD on Youtube or via download at some point in the next day or two as it sounds like it was solid - the Hardys got back onto the right foot with their storyline, Big Show had a good match w/Jeff Hardy that Matty interfered in; Undertaker did a good match with Shelton Benjamin, MVP fought with Dolph Ziggler in a surprisingly good match that put Dolph over without damaging MVP too badly ... Triple H and Randy Orton had a decent exchange, although not enough to save this storyline which started wtih such promise and seems to be flagging quickly ... although I'm intrigued enough at the dissention on the face team and have to wonder if Shane McMahon or Batista will be supporting the Evolution side of things as of next Sunday ...

Anyway, my only real complaint from the sounds of it - and I guess it's somewhat understandable as SD was taped Tuesday, before the supplemental draft we spoke of Wednesday night - is that the night right after the draft, the draft seemed irrelevant as stars from all brands made appearances. Hopefully now that the draft is solidly behind us, we'll get some more normalcy in the brand split as of next week - although I know some crossover will occur as Backlash was planned pre-draft, and provides fall out from the draft-immune Wrestlemania. And in order to balance out the world title scene - both of which are on Raw at the moment - I know that either CM Punk as the MITB holder, or Edge as a Smackdown wrestler, will need to claim John Cena's title soon (I assume it's he who will lose it as the other champ is Triple H, whose opponent, Randy Orton, is also on Raw).

Anyway hopefully next week will continue to be interesting onscreen while quiet off - it makes for poor blogging but as 'real world' wrestling news rarely tends to be good we're probably better off without it. I'll be around for Raw thoughts on Monday, and ITVR Wednesday, and Backlash predictions going into the weekend - a busy week ahead so please stay tuned. Peace.


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