Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wrestlemania Weekend

So it is upon us ladies and gentlemen - Wrestlemania weekend. The festivities for today and tomorrow are as follows.

WWE Hall of Fame Ceremonies
This starts at 7:30pm Eastern on - the final hour will air around 11 or 11:30pm on USA Network. That's usually the hour that the 'big names' go in - ie Stone Cold Steve Austin this year. For my fellow Canadians, unfortunately The Score (our WWE provider) won't carry the televised portion of the HOF until tomorrow night at 5:00pm. That will be followed at 6pm by the WWE Experience which will carry us into ...

WWE Wrestlemania XXV
The twenty-fifth edition of Wrestlemania eminates from the Houston Reliant Centre. The main events are Triple H defending his WWE Title vs. Randy Orton, and Edge defending his World Heavyweight Title in a Triple Threat match vs. Big Show and John Cena. The sub-main event will be Shawn Michaels attempting to end the Undertaker's 16-0 Wrestlemania winning streak.

For the list of this year's inductees into the Hall of Fame, and Ari's and my predictions for Wrestlemania 25, please check out this week's edition of In This Very Ring, which is up in the previous post to this one, and please check back late tomorrow night/midday Monday for feedback and reaction to the Hall of Fame and Wrestlemania events. And for those who can't afford the Wrestlemania PPV payout, some great places to follow along in realtime include

Pro Wrestling Dot Net hosted by Jason Powell
World Wrestling Insanity hosted by James Guttman (not sure if this one will provide a live play by play but worth a shot if they do - good stuff)
The Pro Wrestling Torch hosted by Wade Keller
The Pro Wrestling Insider hosted by Dave Scherer
Wrestling Edge hosted by Amish Patel

Regardless of how immersed you get in the WM festivities, enjoy the weekend and stay tuned throughout the rest of the week for WM fallout on Raw and Smackdown, and a preview of next week's draft lottery ... yes it's THAT time of year again too! Cheers all.


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