Saturday, April 11, 2009


It's late and I'm tired so only some very quick 'Smackdown Highlight' thoughts for the night.

  • Good wrestling tonight - two 10 minute-plus matches between (1) the Colons and Rhodes/Dibiase, and (2) Matt vs. Jeff Hardy. Not usually a stretcher match fan (the Hardy stip), but these two pulled it off - insanity as usual. I question having Matt go over twice in a row but I guess they want Jeff to blow this feud off on PPV in some context. If that's the case though I don't know that I'd have given this match such a gnarly stip as stretchers. Nonetheless, good ring action.
  • Excellent promo between Edge and John Cena - Edge was surprisingly humble and respectful; they incorporated their brutal history well, and even convincingly made it seem more important than it probably actually is in the grand scheme of things - way to give their backlash feud some strength. This promo does lead me to suspect either a double-turn, or that they'll be going in different directions post-Backlash, thus making their match in 2 weeks a blowoff. Prediction for Monday's draft here and now: John Cena goes Smackdown, while Triple H goes Raw - that's where their feuds are, and that allows the two world titles to switch brands.
  • Glad Teddy Long is back as SD GM. He's a good, solid character who is interesting without chewing the scenery, as many GMs tend to be camera hogs or boring.
  • Two straight wrestling shows, no Shawn Michaels or Undertaker - I get these are their two vets who can almost get time off on demand, but given they were Wrestlemania's MVPs by far, to go a week without seeing either of them whatsoever doesn't quite seem appropriate.
  • Not in order here but not to be forgotten - I want to petition that Kofi Kingston get more recognition than he has. He's good in the ring, and this we've known awhile - he proved last night he is also good on the mic. This guy deserves a US or IC title run again and soon.
  • Lastly - and in the same 'minor, early in the show, but not to be forgotten' category - Santino Marella came down to the ring as himself - cut a promo on his sister - and was confronted by the Great Khali who wanted Santina on his kiss cam. When Santino did not produce her (as she is Santino himself, for those not watching this past week), Khali decimated Santino in seconds - as expected, and quite amusing.
Overall a solid show - looking forward even more to Monday's 3 hour Raw. Tomorrow is a non-computer day for me as I'm going to be out for the day celebrating Easter, but be sure and check in Monday (or Tuesday AM at the latest) for my thoughts on the Raw draft. And Wednesday, of course, for our ITVR podcast. See you next week, God bless, and have a wonderful Passover/Easter. XO


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