Saturday, September 12, 2009

Breaking news on Breaking Point, plus Lance Storm's take on the Jeff Hardy situation

A new match has been added to the Breaking Point roster (musta been listening to Ari and I last night lol), as Kofi Kingston will be defending his U.S. title vs. The Miz tomorrow night. I'm going to go out on a limb to say The Miz is your new U.S. champ; Kofi has had a great run and been winning several multi-man title challenges by the skin of his teeth; going down as a fighting champion to someone who's been pushed quite decently overall but tripped up a bit in recent weeks, to reestablish the Miz's push and set up a viable feud on the U.S. title level (with appearances of course by Jack Swagger and MVP along the way), is completely a believable way to go - although like many matches on this card, neither result would 100% surprise me, and booking the ending so both come out strong-looking is key; that kind of booking is in fact key to the entire card, as victories don't come any more decisively than by submission, and there's a real risk of each match's loser looking awful in the end.

Speaking of looking awful more and more has come out on the Jeff Hardy situation today, at least in terms of comments from other wrestlers expressing their support for Jeff. I personally await the statement he promised would be forthcoming, but in the meantime you can find his brother Matt Hardy's thoughts, as well as those of Chris Jericho, on their respective Twitter pages. Perhaps the deepest and most interesting take, however, comes from Lance Storm at -

The first thing I want to say is that people need to remember that being charged with something and being guilty of something, can be two different things. I’ve gotten email from fans that were both crushed and appalled to read that Jeff Hardy was dealing drugs. Let me just say, I don’t believe for a second Jeff Hardy was selling drugs and I’m pretty sure that any trafficking charges are based solely on the quantity of drugs found, not him actually selling them. I believe in the US there are limits on the amount of certain drugs you can have in your possession, and as soon as those limits are reached the charge is trafficking, because they feel you have more of the substance than would normally be considered for personal use.

If that is the case that certainly does not put Jeff free and clear, but I think having your own personal drug problems (no matter how severe) and being a drug trafficker are two completely different things. If the quantities of drugs, reportedly found in Jeff’s possession, are accurate then we have to assume he has a very serious drug problem, and that, even more so than his pending legal woes, is my biggest concern.
Some very good points, and probably the outlook I most agree with thus far. If Jeff Hardy has been dealing drugs, and is guilty as found, that will certainly come out in court and be handled appropriately; if not, it is nonetheless a sad story and hopefully he will find the help - legal, psychological, spiritual, and otherwise - that he needs to finally see the light at the end of this unfortunate tunnel he finds himself in.


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