Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Legal Briefs, and a Scathing Editorial

OK, last thing first: check out this editorial (click here) over at World Wrestling Insanity written by the Canadian Bulldog (non-Harry Smith variety). Unfortunately and shamefully funny stuff.

Nothing major to report before tomorrow (already did my Raw thoughts for the week, and I'm going to save the discussion of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff's new Hulkamania tour for tomorrow on the air with Ari), but I wanted to give a couple updates on some wrestling-related legal situations we've been covering in recent weeks:

  1. Kurt Angle's had his day in court yesterday as the charges against him for violating a restraining order, possession of controlled substances and driving on a suspended license were dropped. Initial thoughts: maybe TNA knew what they were doing keeping on Kurt Angle and firing Rhaka Khan; maybe it wasn't just about him being a bigger draw. Further thoughts: maybe the same celebrity keeping him alive in TNA also kept him alive in court. Final verdict: Either could still be true. For the record, Angle still faces a hearing in regards to said restraining order in the future, but no further criminal proceedings.
  2. After several Tweets and the promise of a statement to be released 'later' that remains unforthcoming, Jeff Hardy's Twitter account was taken down today. Initial thought: hey, where's our statement? Further thoughts AND final verdict: wise, someone is obviously and probably listening to their lawyer. Statements regarding ongoing criminal matters should not be released through social media but through legal representatives.
Be sure and tune in tomorrow night for more on these, wrestling TV this week, and Hulkamania's upcoming tour promoted by Hulk Hogan himself, and the Wizard of World Championship Wrestling, Eric Bischoff. Speaking of which - also coming tomorrow; a review of The Rise and Fall of WCW. See ya then folks!


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