Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Update from the weekend + RAW

So guys, Raw was last night and you know what? An entertaining show it was! But first a quick bit of news from this weekend's WWE tour of Puerto Rico.

Apparently Big Show and the Great Khali got into an actual fistfight following a six-man tag team appearance Saturday night over the use of certain 'big man' moves (I'm picturing chokeslam-esque stuff here) that the Show thought should be his exclusive domain, but have been used by Khali. Show threw the first punch. All I can say is - this happening backstage would probably be more entertaining than it would have been in the ring .. snicker. Boys boys boys, there are other ways to resolve disputes. Honestly. How old are these people sometimes? Ah well, there's locker room justice, and 'da boyz' handling their bidnis for you.

As for Raw ...

While it could definiteley have been stronger on the wrestling side, it didn't suck - Chris Jericho vs. MVP was solid gold yet again, and while Evan Bourne and Chavo Guerrero could have done more, especially withot Hornswoggle's interference, they still put on a decent clinic as well - and any in-ring mediocrity (B grade overall as opposed to an A, as opposed to a C) was more than made up for by the entertainingness that was Bob Barker guest hosting. He set the show up like a Price is Right episode, complete with wrestlers and celebrity audience members 'coming on down' to a makeshift contestant's row, competing for big prizes, spinning the wheel, etc. I can't describe every gag and every line (although Santino's asking for a vowel, and IRS's involvement in contestant's row were tremenjusly amusing), but definitely a must-watch Raw if you're into the entertainment side of sports-entertainment.

Main complaint of things that actually didn't work? The ending dragged - I got DX spun the tag match, and I got all that; Randy Orton stalking DX, then delivering a longish go-home promo in the ring to close the show wasn't the most effective way to end an otherwise fast-paced program. Cody Rhodes' promo earlier in the night was more effective, in terms of being succinct, and explaining why he was still a member of the Legacy following last week's shenanigans to his father by Randy Orton. Overall a good show, I just think it could have ended five minutes earlier on an even hotter note going into this weekend's PPV. A must-see, again, for those more 'mainstream' entertainment-oriented WWE fans.


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