Sunday, September 6, 2009


So - didn't catch all of Smackdown on Friday (couldn't bring myself to sit through Finlay/Khali vs. Mike Knox/Kane, sorry - though I've heard it wasn't as abysmal as it could have been). But some highlights I enjoyed (oh and sorry for not posting this yesterday as I had planned, btw - much more regular poster than at the height of the move but getting life in order here is still taking up SOME time more than I'd like) --

  • Loved CM Punk's promo, coming out impersonating Jeff Hardy etc. I was actually VERY momentarily fooled, not that Jeff was coming back but at least getting a 'proper goodbye' after Punk attacked him during his goodbye last week. Punk delivered a tremendous promo, and Matt Hardy played his part effectively too; he's not the strongest promo artist ever (though not the weakest either by any means), and his wordlessly attacking Punk and delivering a minimalist promo about their match made by Teddy Long worked well. Obviously his heel turn has been dropped into the abyss, and with his brother and Rey Mysterio both out for a time and Punk having turned heel, I suppose Smackdown needed another face.
  • John Morrison and Rey Mysterio had a fantastic 20-25 minute matchup. I expected, with Rey's being (a) suspended and (b) mouthing off about said suspension, that he might get semi-squashed by Morrison or Dolph Ziggler or whoever they threw in front of him; pleased they gave him a decent sendoff and Morrison a proper beginning to his Intercontinental title reign, although I suspect this might mean Rey's release or else burial upon his return.
  • Matt Hardy and CM Punk also had a great match, although it was unfair they had to follow on Morrison-Mysterio; no one could have looked TERRIFIC after that. It's unfortunate too that THIS was when Undertaker made his official Smackdown redebut; he deserved better, and so did the two young guys.
  • Otherwise weak points included the above mentioned tag team match, as well as the Diva's match. But they can't all be winners right, and they were better than matches serving the same purpose on Raw. For that matter ... when was Raw's last 30-minute, 4-star matchup? Just asking ... Good show people. :) Enjoyed the parts I saw.


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