Friday, September 18, 2009

Hulkamania Tour

Hi guys - just to let you know ITVR wasn't up last night or tonight as last night we forgot we had some commitments with Ari's new coworkers, and this evening just kind of got away from us; we'll try to get the show up this weekend sometime, but if not, we'll be back next week for sure, and on time we promise! :) (Bet on the latter - we have some company coming this weekend, joy, our first really busy week since moving to Ottawa ... life never changes lol).

Meanwhile though the main thing in wrestling news this week I haven't covered is Hulk Hogan's upcoming Australian tour he's co-promoting with Eric Bischoff this coming fall. Featuring Ken Anderson (the former Ken Kennedy), Shannon Moore, Rikishi and Umaga, as well as the latest and greatest get, Ric Flair in his first in-ring appearance since he retired at Wrestlemania 24. A surprising addition, not because we expected he'd never wrestle again (we didn't), but due to his at-times tense relationship with Hulk Hogan, as well as his unquestionably frought relationship with Eric Bischoff. However, Flair vs. Hogan, even if a good 20-30 years after it was wished for, is always a good get, and should draw some fans Down Undah.

Again - my apologies for the sporadicness (probably good we haven't gone live yet, to give us the freedom to keep this as flexible as we have seemed to have needed - hopefully we'll string together a good 5-10 shows on time in a row in the coming weeks, at which point we'd feel comfortable making the transition to a live show now that we have unlimited long distance, and can start seeking on-air guests as well). But we'll be back next week as usual, and in the meantime I will continue to blog regularly so be sure and check back often. Till then, keep fit and have fun. Peace.


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