Friday, October 16, 2009

BIG NEWS: Shane McMahon resigns from WWE effective January 10, 2010

Big news today as Shane McMahon - son of WWE majority shareholder and chairman Vince McMahon - has resigned from the WWE effective January 10, 2010. No reason was given for his resignation, nor does it sound particularly rancorous as his father has also released a supportive and encouraging statement (both statements can be found at and

Jason Powell ( guesses that Shane McMahon is resigning either (most likely) to help in his mother Linda's campaign for the Republican Senate nomination in Connecticut, and to have as much time and as few ties as possible to be able to commit to that; or else to launch a vanity project of his own in the vein of MMA, of which he is a big fan.

I for one will miss Shane as he is probably my favourite McMahon, the one who seemed the most sane and who really took the time to learn the wrestling business, and actually learned what to do in the ring. As always, we wish Shane the best in his future endeavours. :)


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