Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Raw & Jim Ross

Last night's Raw was entertaining; some excellent matches and definitely a big match feel to the whole event with such features as Triple H facing John Cena in what was perhaps Cena's final match on Raw, etc. They hyped the Bragging Rights PPV better than they have in recent weeks, and I didn't even mind Snoop Dogg (although how marijuana joke makes for PG programming is kind of beyond me). My main complaint was the lameness of his Diva entourage (stupid Bellas), and the fact of DX putting down almost all the young stars on both their own RAW team and the SMACKDOWN team (major sympathy for Drew Macintyre and Eric Escobar and Cody Rhodes), which was unnecessary and gratuitous (no wonder WWE has such a hard time making stars). Of the up and coming stars from either brand, they only put over Kofi Kingston - and while they kind of teased him as well I have to give them props for asking what we've all been wondering; "We thought you were Jamaican. Where's your accent?" (and not by way of being racist, by the way - at least not on my part that I was wondering that - the fact is he delivered promos in a very distinctive Jamaican accent, and suddenly, he didn't; as well as the fact they've finally been announcing him as being from Ghana in recent weeks, which IS true).

We'll have more details on all of that on Thursday night on our podcast, but in the meantime, just wanted to reinforce it was a good show worth catching whatever clips of you can; solidly booked and not bad creative at the end of the day.

Also want to express best wishes and sympathy to Jim Ross who has undergone another attack of Bells Palsy which paralyzes the side of his face; he will be unable to call Smackdown at its tapings tonight, and Sunday's pay per view is a 'play it by ear' situation. Here's being glad Ross is playing it safe, and here's hoping he's back for Sunday's event :) Wishing him (and all of you) the best of health. Be sure and tune in Thursday for our podcast, complete with Bragging Rights predix! Hope to see you there.


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