Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hulk Hogan's Signing with TNA, Raw Last Night, and the Unauthorized Story of DX

A few things to go over tonight guys!

  1. Today's big news is that Hulk Hogan signed with TNA wrestling! This won't impact his Australian 'Hulkamania' tour planned for November (minus perhaps providing him with some new talent to go along with him), but he's expected to appear on Impact! Thursday night. We'll probably be recording before Impact, so as not to be up too late, but we might do a PS upon its completion tomorrow (at least in writing) in regards to Hogan's appearance. This is huge news in the wrestling world for obvious reasons, but also less obvious reasons. Eric Bischoff is coming along on the Hogan ride, as Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment (the company which produced Celebrity Championship Wrestling, as well as several other successful reality shows, co-owned by Eric Bischoff and former Wonder Years star Jason Hervey) will have a say in TNA. Does this mean in an advisory capacity that Eric Bischoff will be competing with Vince McMahon again? It sure do! It also leaves Vince Russo's future in doubt, as both Hogan and Bischoff have had some less-than-satisfactory dealings with TNA's head writer. LOTS of interesting angles to all this to chew over and to come out in the weeks and months ahead. Should be a heckuva ride. Remember what Hogan's signing, with Eric Bischoff on board, did for WCW 15 years ago ...
  2. In a semi-related note, old Hulkster buddy Kevin Nash is suspended for this week due to an outburst on Team 3D (the former Dudleys) for continuing a match with an injured opponent at last week's Bound for Glory. Excellent message to be sending the locker room, pplz, just great. Kudos again to Kevin Nash for sticking up for his young colleague (I believe it was Eric Young?).
  3. Last night's Raw was incredibly entertaining: they changed several directions, by having Big Show announce he was the next challenger up for Undertaker's World Heavyweight Title on Smackdown for his actions, DX were announced as each other's opponents, as well as John Cena's, in a Triple Threat Match for John Cena's next WWE title defense at Survivor Series, etc. Not a fan of the NASCAR dudes hosting Raw, as I'm not a NASCAR fan and had only vaguely heard of Kyle Busch and not at all of the other dude; but I AM looking forward to the Osbornes hosting Raw next week! I'm reasonably optimistic about the road to Survivor Series in the next month, and hope they keep up the momentum up on both Raw and Smackdown that they began on Sunday and that Raw continued into Monday. We'll have more details on those thoughts Thursday night on In This Very Ring so be sure and tune in then.
  4. Lastly, over the last 24 hours I have begun, and completed, the DX Unauthorized Story (oddly enough, authored under the auspices of WWE books, by the two current members of DX, Shawn Michaels and Triple H). Very entertaining read; pretty self-recusing in some ways, especially about how they try to help the young guys elevate their game, after watching at LEAST two weeks of Trips doing complete burial jobs on his young teammates and opponents both from Bragging Rights, but also surprisingly insightful. As a 'smark' who has been along for the entire DX ride, even I learned some things. The book is also hilarious (they have big heads for being funny, but well-earned), and it IS mostly aimed at newer fans unfamiliar with the DX legacy; but any DX fan can still enjoy this book and perhaps learn a thing or two (or at least get the two charter members' perspective on different things). Not a WHOLE lot you can't get from other books, but told in an entertaining way; the ghostwriter got Trips' and Shawn's personalities down perfectly in this book. At 195 or so pages, it is also an incredibly quick and easy, down and dirty read. Recommended.
That's all for tonight folks. Might pop up tomorrow if there's any interesting news to report; otherwise check on in Thursday night for In This Very Ring, as always! :) Peace.


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