Tuesday, October 6, 2009

RAW thoughts as promised

So Raw last night wasn't a bad show; I wouldn't give it 5 stars or anything (although I will also grant it might have played better if I was a football fan, and knew Ben Roethlisberger and his teammates); my main problem with it is its lack of memorability for the most part. The problem with not having cyber-scribbled down my thoughts last night is that it took me a few minutes and some digging around this afternoon to re-assemble them; a problem I didn't have, for example, for better or worse, with the HIAC pay per view, which left me with clear impressions, both very good and less good, that I could write about even half asleep twenty-four hours later. On the hit or miss spectrum I guess I'll give the show 'leaning hit', because the stuff I do remember clearly I remember positively. Examples, admittedly in no particular order:

  • Agree or disagree, but I liked the John Cena-Randy Orton promo. I'm not totally enthused that they're going to headline their ... what? Third, fourth? .. pay per view in a row, but a no holds barred Iron Man match, with the promise of blowing off their feud is a good one, and I think these guys could pull it off, as whatever criticisms they face on a day-to-day basis they always rise to the occasion. As to the result, with such a strong and 'final' ruling that Cena will have to leave Raw should he lose, I suspect he'll regain the title at Bragging Rights; however, I wouldn't mind him losing either, as he could add the prospect of some fresh feuds over onto the Smackdown roster, where now really there are two, maybe three main eventers not working on the tag team scene. He and Undertaker getting into it with say Chris Jericho once he loses the tag titles with Big Show, and CM Punk with Batista thrown into that mix as well could be entertaining as all can deliver when need-be.
  • OK even for a non-football fan I was entertained when Big Ben brought out his posse as JeriShow was threatening him; having them face DX provided a fun match for free TV, without giving so much away that (since 4 bona fide main eventers were participating) that they couldn't go back to that well in a PPV down the road.
  • Michael Cole announced that the Bragging Rights concept wouldn't feature interbrand matches so much as the winners of Raw matches would face the winners of Smackdown matches at the end of the PPV in what I assume would be a 2- or 3-man team tag match (depending how long the other matches go since we know one will go at least an hour plus intros now, and whether or not this would also include the winner of that match, having gone 60 minutes already). I think I prefer this concept; while brand vs. brand throughout the PPV leading to a match that could be even teams, or 5 on one, or what have you, could be entertaining, this is less confusing, and leads to less diluting of the brand divisions in the three-week leadup (also easier to build up feuds towards this pay per view in the three-week window they have within brands, where competitors already have history).
  • I was disappointed on the one hand that the Miz finally unseated Kofi Kingston for the US title as opposed to Jack Swagger, who is their real blue chip prospect, until I realized that with his touting his undefeated streak at this point he's moving past that. Here's hoping he's main eventing soon, and that the Cena/Orton/DX quad lets him break into that scene, because I think he could go on to a good showing with any of them. As to Miz and Kingston, they had a very good TV match, and that leaves the only question as why they didn't give the Miz the title Sunday night; don't half-push someone. If he's worthy of a belt, he's worthy of winning it on PPV. Understood the midcard belts (US and Intercontinental) are the ones they like switching on free TV to whet fans' appetites, but 24 hours after a PPV? Kind of a slap in the face. Still, entertaining.
  • OK Chavo you've convinced me; I'm still skeptical as to just what's going on next in your bit with Hornswoggle, and unless there's a GREAT payoff I question taking so much time that could be devoted to, y'know, wrestling (yes there's obviously room for entertainment on WWE television, but this ceased to be entertaining a week or three in, and as a strong wrestler you haven't been featured as such in ages). But my curiosity is piqued by Chris Masters' turn on you, and Hornswoggle's rescue last night; depending how this plays off, it could be salvaged yet. OK somewhat. ;)
Those are my thoughts. I'll be sure and share them on the air as well with Ari Thursday night, as well as any other news and happenings in the wrestling world the next couple days (which I will blog about if worthwhile too of course!). Be sure and tune in then, and in the meantime, be well!


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