Thursday, October 1, 2009

Matthew Moore Hardy and ITVR

OK ... so not as exciting as it sounds - not going to have the Sensai of Mattitude on our show this week. However, The two things I want to hit on in this entry involve (1) Matt Hardy and (2) ITVR. Let's deal with that second one first:

Made the decision today to post ITVR tomorrow night; not because we're lazy or don't feel like it (in fact tonight in many ways would be easier than tomorrow, it being a Friday and a night we enjoy relaxing); but I promised we'd try to catch TNA this week before podcasting, and then tomorrow night is the Smackdown 10th anniversary show; I thought we should probably check out that too, as it should be a big night with guest appearances by The Rock and Vicki Guerrero, instead of leaving it a week, when we'll have the Hell in a Cell to talk about as well as Ben Roethsinger's hosting of Raw.

Secondly Matt Hardy is back up to working us internet smarks. After tweeting the other night that "I am exhausted from being punished because of someone else's sins," leading everyone to believe he was speaking of his brother Jeff Hardy, he later clarified on his MySpace that he meant that he'd been out to dinner with some of the boys, who he felt had tipped cheaply, so he'd covered them; he later bet someone $10 that if he tweeted the above it would raise a hellstorm. Now see me ... I fell for it from the point of view that I figured the issues with Jeff definitely contributed to that tweet; but if you think about it, it was also only a few years ago that he was actually FIRED due to someone else's indiscretion. So I figured that while it was more obvious than it was, it was also more nuanced than many people jumped on the bandwagon to believe. But isn't that always the case?

Be sure and tune in to ITVR tomorrow night, sometime between 11pm and midnight Eastern, as we'll be recording when Smackdown ends. Until then, be well.


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