Friday, April 16, 2010

PS Newsbytes

Last night's show got a bit long and there were a couple things I'd meant to discuss that we didn't get the chance to - as well as some news breaking over the last day or two I want to put out there as well, so consider this a PS to yesterday's show:

  1. I meant to congratulate both Karen and Kurt Angle, who have bounced back and gotten engaged (not to one another lol) since their divorce last year. Kurt is set to marry a 24-year-old model and actress he's been seeing since the fall; this hot on the heels of Karen's announced engagement to TNA minority owner Jeff Jarrett.
  2. On the flipside of the coin, Kristal Marshall, former WWE Diva and valet/wife of former wrestler/current Strikeforce MMA fighter Bobby Lashley, announced via her Twitter that she and Lashley have separated.
  3. Meanwhile I mentioned some of the pros and cons of TNA's programming last night; the one thing I forgot to mention is that there is only one storyline that I actually out and out don't like (even the inconsistencies here and there, ie in the Knockouts division, while annoying, aren't make-or-break stuff when made up for with excellent wrestling). But the storyline with Orlando Jordan is WWE circa 2002 nonsense (think Katie Vick, Billy and Chuck, wrestlecrap stuff), and bordering on offensive, as some friends of the late Chris Kanyon who's passing we also discussed last night as well mentioned that as one of the last wrestling vignettes he watched before killing himself two weeks ago. TNA has a lot of creative minds and wrestling experience behind their ship and for the most part are doing well with it I must admit - but this angle needs to die a quicker than usual death.
  4. And by the way - for anyone wondering why it took so long for us to warm up to TNA again after a 2-3 year hiatus ... it is because of comments like Eric Bischoff's on Facebook last night: Thanks for pointing out how minimal the [Internet Wrestling Community] really is...if it were up to them, every match would be vanilla midgets doing moonsaults and putting each other in submission holds for 45+ minutes, with zero characters or storylines. Don't ever let those morons get any influence over TNA or any other promotion. My concern lied in someone with that attitude - generalizing about the internet fanship and exaggerating what they would want to see - and someone who ran a successful wrestling company for years, who I respect and believe knows better - helping run the show. Now I was pleasantly surprised, and TNA is a strong product with something for everyone, as much as I'll offer criticisms of it too - but there is little incentive when these are the main comments giving insight into the minds running the show over there.
And that's it - that's your wrestling news for this week. I might be online over the weekend to post thoughts on tonight's Smackdown if we catch it, but otherwise see ya Monday! :D Take care all and stay classy.


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