Friday, April 30, 2010

State of ITVR

So, it having been a slow week offscreen in wrestling (though admittedly a busy one onscreen what with WWE's PPV and draft lottery), we realized as we went to do ITVR last night, that most of what we'd have to talk about, we covered already on Tuesday - so figured we'd wait for tonight so we could include Smackdown as well. Just finished catching up on that, but it's late, and we silly parents are exhausted. Thinking, we've had a busy week, we'll do it tomorrow ...

But that got us to FURTHER thinking, hell! As you've seen from the infrequent posting and the tardiness and/or tired babbly-ness of the last podcast or two, we've just had a very tired and/or busy month since Wrestlemania generally, with sick babies and computers, busy work lives, parents visiting, etc. - we're usually better at keeping up with this stuff, but post-Mania led to a down-time in wrestling, and an upswing in our lives here - and to me, this is supposed to be fun, not stressful, it's not our job, or our housekeeping, or a 'responsibility', but something we enjoy doing and sharing with you guys).

On the other hand ... we DO have you guys and we don't want to let you down; but (and selfishly, more importantly), we DO enjoy doing the show, and it's important in the midst of all those things above to make sure we're still having fun and keeping up with the stuff we enjoy. So that being said, tomorrow will bring with it a new month, a new ITVR podcast (we promise!), and a new resolve to blog more frequently and post our shows more consistently going forward. TNA is providing a great product, and WWE has even kept their game at least semi-stepped up since 'Mania despite the sever loss of Shawn Michaels on their roster, the European travel kafuffle, etc. There have been lots of title changes and lots of neat story going forward in both national wrestling promotions, and we fully intend to keep up with it for our own sakes, and share our opinions of it for yours (because you wanted to know). :)

Meanwhile, thank you so much for your patience through the Month of Hell, and we hope you'll bear with us moving forward, bringing you the fun and informative blogs and podcasts we've strived for since getting ourselves set back up here almost two years ago.

Peace, love and headlocks -Sarah and Ari.


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