Monday, April 5, 2010

Quick updates

Hi guys - so missed Raw tonight as The Score is showing the finals of March Madness (finally, all will be right with the world as of tomorrow night), and will be watching the TNA Impact episode soon (just got in from an Easter trip to Kitchener). But I wanted to quickly touch on the two bits of wrestling news that came to my attention over the weekend. We'll start with the more light-hearted stuff first.

1. Jack Swagger cashes in his MITB successfully, defeating Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight Title on Smackdown. OK - so after we talked about this, there were so many more interesting ways to go with this angle. He could have cashed in unsuccessfully, thinking he'd cockily timed his shot right. He could have cashed in successfully after many many false starts like Monday. Monday established a really interesting theme for Swagger, and WWE drops the ball. I'm glad to see someone new in the driver's seat, as I said at the time Sheamus won his world title - but surely it should be someone who's had something of a buildup, and hasn't been depushed and off a roll in recent months - Kofi Kingston or Drew McIntyre would have been excellent examples, or as we said, allow this MITB to build up Jack Swagger again after some months off the rails. We hadn't been given time to care after a long layoff luck-wise.

2. On a much more serious note, our condolences to the family of Chris Kanyon, who died, apparently by his own hand, this weekend. Kanyon was openly gay and often expressed the feeling that his sexual orientation had been a factor in his not being pushed, and ultimately let go by the WWE in 2004. Such a sad situation as yet another wrestler could not overcome both some of his own personal demons, and demons intrinsic, it seems, in the business.

More on both of these stories, of course, and a report on Raw, on ITVR later this week (and of course I will keep blogging as we go!) Hope everyone had a nice Easter.


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