Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thank you Bret

You know, in the midst of Shawn Michaels' career ending, and in light of an admittedly mediocre return (technically speaking), it is easy to forget that Bret Hart likely just made his last appearance in a Wrestlemania ring, and that he, too, accomplished a lot to simply be able to do what he did. As Bret relates in his most recent Facebook blog:

"Although I know it was far from my greatest performance, I can proudly say it was one of my most glorious victories I've ever had. Once upon a time in my wheelchair after suffering my stroke in 2002, thinking how impossible it was to even conceive of such a moment makes me as proud as ever of anything I ever did in a ring. "

True enough Bret - and in all this feting of Shawn Michaels, we should remember to thank you for your incredible 20 years of contributions to this sport as well. He had a lot more to say as well:

On the McMahon family:
"It was sweet seeing the entire Hart Family play a part in giving Vince McMahon the beating of his lifetime. When I briefly saw Linda McMahon afterwards in the hallway, I confessed with a smile that I'd secretly given him a couple of choice chair shots just for her. This drew a burst of laughter and a smile. In truth, I'd like to thank all the McMahons (and that includes Triple H) for their kindness, hospitality, and for a fantastic three-month ride I'll never forget."

On Shawn Michaels:
"I want to take this opportunity to wish Shawn Michaels a great retirement; he certainly earned it. I know we've had our differences, but nobody can ever take away his greatness in the ring and, without him, it will truly never, ever be the same."

Keeping it classy as always Bret. Thank you! :)

And just a reminder to readers it's Easter weekend; I'll do my best to post over the weekend but it might be Monday night before I do. Peace and take care.


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