Thursday, April 22, 2010

This n That

Fret not dear readers and listeners - ITVR should be posted either quite late tonight or something late in the evening tomorrow; we have acquired just today the 'Hart and Soul' DVD regarding the Hart Family, and find ourselves mysteriously unable to resist watching it tonight (well OK ... *I* do ... Ari I think could wait lol). But I didn't want to go another day without blogging, as it's been awhile (quiet week in wrestling up until today, and a busy week in my life, means not a lot to say). But a few things to comment on today (and no RAW or Impact thoughts, as we're going to save those for tomorrow - besides, quite honestly, other than the Rob Van Dam TNA world title win, there hasn't been a lot of major onscreen movement since last week due to the Raw roster being stuck in Europe due to the volcano in Iceland).

  • Said Raw roster returned today from the UK - Bret Hart also returned from Hanover today, incidentally. His most recent blog about being stuck in Europe can be found at, and plays host to some photos of the tired return of the Raw men and women.
  • WWE did a bit of spring cleaning today, releasing Mickie James, Katie Lea Burchill, Shelton Benjamin, Kung Funaki and Jimmy Wang Yang. They were, of course, wished well in their future TN ... I mean, endeavours.
While that is an unfortunate piece of news, and I hope that the most talented of that lot are better appreciated elsewhere (James and Benjamin in particular), I am glad to see that the WWE is no longer filling up the roster with people they don't use properly, and that the guys and girls of Raw returned stateside safe and sound.

Be sure and tune in to ITVR tomorrow night (latest) to hear more on these stories, as well as thoughts on all televised wrestling this week (particularly Raw, TNA and Smackdown tomorrow night), and predictions for WWE's Extreme Rules PPV coming up Sunday. XO - peace out.


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