Sunday, May 18, 2008

Back - w/Judgement Day Predictions

So I'm still not online yet - I'm at my in-laws right now to do a quick update before checking out Judgement Day. Hopefully I'll be back online at home Tuesday to be able to give feedback for tonight's show, and tomorrow's Raw. Meanwhile, here are some quick predictions:

WWE Championship Match: Triple H (c) vs. Randy Orton in a Steel Cage
There are some definite 'Back to the Future' moments here tonight - this is one of them. In a feud that really should have gone down and been kept up 5 years ago, I'm looking forward to seeing these two get it on in a steel cage. I predict Triple H retains - he won it too recently to lose it, they don't usually turn belts over that quickly (although they did to Undertaker - another reason I don't think they'll go to the '1 month reign' well again this soon).

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Edge vs. Undertaker (belt vacant)
Round 3 - and probably this one goes to Edge, or else I don't quite understand why they stripped UT of the belt just to put it back on him 2 1/2 weeks later. For what that's worth, I barely understand the point of stripping him of the belt anyway - Edge has Vicki Guerrero as his fiancee and 'The Boss'; he can get as many rematches as WWE needs without creating a convuluted storyline ... although as I said, it did keep the last couple weeks interesting and make this match a bit different from their earlier two bouts. It's Edge's - and given that there are only 6 matches on this show, don't be surprised if CM Punk might come out to cash in his Money in the Bank here.

WWE Tag Team Championship: The Miz & John Morrison (c) vs. Kane & CM Punk
I think Miz and Morrison will retain here - Kane has a title of his own already, and CM Punk is set to challenge for one, if not tonight than at least within the next 10 mos. They don't need the tag title rub (or curse) as the case may be - M&M do. Don't be surprised if this might set up some Kane/Punk friction in anticipation of a Punk MITB cash-in on ECW as a second alternative to my prediction for the last match ... though I much more strongly suspect that the MITB he holds is a ticket OFF of the third-tier brand, as opposed to just another chance for him to get a title there which he could accomplish without the briefcase.

Women's Championship: Mickie James (c) vs. Beth Phoenix vs. Melina (Triple Threat)
Intriguing ... I fear Mickie's second (third?) title reign is doomed to be a short one with these odds ... or perhaps Beth and Melina will be so distracted by one another Mickie will sneak in from behind for the win? What I DON'T see happening is Beth winning it back - the 'unstoppable monster champion' is a tough, tough position to pull off while keeping the rest of the roster strong-looking. I predict Melina will win as a dark-horse, with an inside chance Mickie retains.

JBL vs. John Cena
Back to the future moment #2. Cena wins - he's wrapped his movie (or just about) and is ready for a REAL full-time return for the first time since his pec tear. The #1 argument for Orton regaining his belt ... Cena comes out looking strong, as JBL has come off as strong just from the buildup Cena's been no-showing for.

Intercontinental Championship: Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels
I'm going to have to double-check if the IC belt is actually on the line here. If it is, assume an HBK win and a full-on Jericho heel turn. This will work for both of them, (a) giving Shawn a nice little present for his incredible work of the last 2 months, (b) giving Y2J's career the kick in the pants it's needed since his big return fizzled, and (c) prolonging this feud ... with the outside chance of Jeff Hardy being interjected in here too. "I C" great things for the IC division coming up. HA! Get it? I mean, I C ... ? Oh nevermind.

I also predict ...
At least one unadvertised match. This could be CM Punk's cash-in, this could be Umaga-Hardy, could have something to do with Carlito/Santino/Piper, all these other side things they've been doing ... but 6 matches over 3 hours makes for a very VERY light PPV so expect there to be something else there to surprise us ... especially given WWE's attempts to be unpredictable the last little while. Overall, I am anticipating a good show. Hope y'all enjoy, and see you Tues.!


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