Thursday, May 8, 2008

News Bites

So it's generally been a quiet week for wrestling behind-the-scenes-wise ... really, there was the Ashley Massaro as prostitute story (which I'll get into), some funny stuff about the Great Khali in India, and a few other things I picked up on, but for once most of the interesting stuff in the wrestling world actually happened on TV - whether we liked it or not. There was Raw, for instance, and then Tuesday was the 100th episode of ECW. From what I can tell, it wasn't that great. People seem to be hard on Mike Adamle having come out and basically pandered to the fans promising to try harder from here out. See I actually liked that. I mean, let's face it right? The guy's so bad, WWE couldn't ignore it. And of course the best option would be for them to fire him and not subject us to him anymore. But if they insist on keeping him around, this sets up one of two possibilities, both of which are better than just letting him go on as he was:

  1. Either he's misleading us in his contrition, will continue to make mistakes, and can sort of go heel by being too good for wrestling, really super-cocky about what a great commentator he is despite his suckitude (thanks E&C), and can be one of the best heel announcers in awhile (provided they allow his mistakes to stay natural, instead of becoming overscripted - see John Cena'si insults). OR ...
  2. Let this basically be a 'reset' button from where he gets a fresh start and actually does a decent job, leaving the last 3 weeks of play-by-play hell on ECW behind us.
Short of firing the jabroney, these are not terrible options, and - in the case of #1 - could be really intriguing if done properly and used in conjunction with in-ring story and not just to distract from it, or - in the case of #2 - will at least mean the awfulness that is Adamle's PBP will now end ... or should. Please, dear God.

Similarly, I refused to spoil SD for myself so I can watch it unmuddied tomorrow - await my response to that either late tomorrow night or Saturday - as is truly more likely.

And now as promised, in other news & trivia this week -

  • Ashley Masarro's name came up in Maxim (I think it was?) in relation to a high-priced call girl ring. She issued a fairly strong denial amid silence from the WWE, and has since posted on MySpace as if all was well. Maxim stands by its story, while another bikini model using the same name as Masarro has been speculated to be the actual hooker in question. My opinion? Interesting, but probably a non-story; I'm betting it's mistaken identity. Otherwise, why would Ashley be so cool about these acusations not days later? And WWE not have kept her off TV Monday? Besides, Maxim may stand by its story, but somehow I dispute its reputation as a purveyor of hardhitting news. Truth is mainstream media loves to hit wrestling with every scandal it can and hasn't picked up on this story - thus, I tend to be inclined to believe it isn't one.
  • The Great Khali took two years sick leave from the police force in India to wrestle in the WWE. He goes back to India ... and gets promoted! Weird. Most people, when they go AWOL from their job, get fired after awhile. This guy's been collecting a salary for years for a job he hasn't been doing ... AND then gets a raise? Wow. Plus he's totally kayfabing the Indian media on his character, and on how real wrestling is ... all I can say is, SUCKERS! ;)
  • Kevin Nash says it wouldn't be fair to put TNA up against Smackdown, it would be like fighting a one-legged opponent. All I can say big Kev, is ... you're absolutely right. Sorry about that. :P
  • VOICE OF WRESTLING LIVES!!! OK this might just be exciting for me, but anyone who's been following my internet travels in the world of wrestling knows I hosted a radio show called - wait for it - "In This Very Ring" last summer over on Fan Talk Live/Wrestling News Radio; then owned by Chris Cash, and spearheaded in its programming by Voice of Wrestling, a top notch online wrestling radio show which featured many great interviews. But due to some personal issues that came up, selling the network etc., VOW seemed to disappear and I was unable to find them ... until this week! So Chris Cash old buddy, here's a cheap plug to the hundred-or-so visitors I've like, ever had:
  • VOW is a radio show that leads you into Raw from 7-9 pm Eastern every Monday night. This week, they interviewed former world champion Bill Goldberg, and apparently have Bret Hart coming up in early-June. It's good stuff and you can catch it over on
Which brings me to my last question - I'm kind of interested in resurrecting In This Very Ring. But I don't particularly feel like shopping it around to different networks, having to pay for it or anything. So I was thinking of just doing sort of 'podcasts' I guess you'd call them - record myself and upload them here once a week or so, trying to get interviews and whatever else I can muster. Is there anyone out there who listened to the old ITVR show who would be interested in that? Feedback appreciated, O Mighty 120+ of you. ;) Meanwhile, Peace Out. - XO


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