Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ultimate Warrior TV

So if anyone's been a wrestling fan for more than 15 years, they will know the Ultimate Warrior. Any less, and you'll know him as a shell of his former character, who the WWE ripped to shreds on their career retrospective DVD "The Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior".

Well dude is coming back after a long layoff, to a European wrestling federation (can't remember their name - WNE maybe?) to face their champion, Orlando Jordan (you know you're a small fed when ...). Besides the interestingness of the very openly homophobic Warrior (yes, that is his legal name - formerly Jim Hellwig) facing the bisexual Jordan, it's interesting to see that he's still got some of the energy, moves, and certainly the build of the man we recognized (albeit a step or 2 or 5 slower, and much greyer).

You can witness his comeback trail at and the Youtube account under the same name (ultimatewarriortv). It's interesting.

Also speaking of wrestling DVDs (OK so that was awhile ago, but it's been a long day - stay with me here lol), check out "Twist of Fate", the new Hardy Boyz DVD released by the WWE - good stuff! End of random plug.

I should be online sometime this weekend to preview One Night Stand on Sunday (yes, already) and to discuss any Smackdown developments from tomorrow I might catch - meanwhile, take care, be well. Peace.


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