Friday, May 2, 2008

Smackdown tonight - and Santino Marella

Just a heads-up I'll be trying to post my thoughts on Smackdown tonight but have a massive packing/cleanup job to do to get an upcoming move underway tonight, so it might be taped to be a 'midnight with a glass of wine' or a 'tomorrow when we wake up' kind of thing. So if I end up posting my thoughts about it tomorrow AM, my apologies. And in case Iforget to tape it or something and miss it completely - as seems to have been an unfortunate circumstance this week - I HAVE already read some spoilers so I have some sense of what I will be commenting on when all is said and done. And without saying exactly what, or who is involved, all I can say is if I were to miss a week, this might be it. 3 for 3 for strange STRANGE shows. Perhaps not so strange 10 or even 20 years ago, but not typical to what WWE has been doing of late.

And that's not to necessarily a BAD thing - I'm all about the payoff after an intriguing build, and I think we wrestling fans are too impatient for angles to be blown off lately. And whatever else I'll say about WWE programming this week, Monday night's plug being pulled and ECW's announcers walking offset for the main event, have people talking at the water coolers. It's just I think this week is that annoying 'tune in next week' situation, and NEXT week will be the set of shows to see. And lucky, lucky me as I will be LIVE at Raw this coming Monday! :D So while I might not post thoughts on Monday night about it - it'll go till past 11 and then it's 1 1/2 hours home - I will definitely not sleep thru it and will have some complete thoughts Tuesday. Back on the wrestling fan saddle after an overall strange and/or busy week in both MY world and in WWE-land.

Last note before leaving - I'd be remiss to not mention Santino Marella's DUI arrest yesterday. Dumbass. There - I mentioned it. ;) Have a good night all.


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