Sunday, September 20, 2009

Quick Plug to TNA

Tonight is TNA's No Surrender PPV; no idea of the card, who's on it, or anything (although it sounds like when TNA's PPV provider contract comes up next year, this event is one of 6 Dixie Carter intends to put on the chopping block to provide a higher quality, more streamlined product). I DO know the main event is Kurt Angle vs. Matt Morgan vs. Sting vs. AJ Styles for the TNA World Title; as I've read, in another attempt to focus more on getting as many people on the card than on actually pushing a signature, draw-inducing feud like Hulk Hogan-Andre the Giant or Bret Hart-Shawn Michaels or Rock-Steve Austin used to be.

But razzing them aside, TNA to our experience has always produced quality PPVs, as dubious as Impact sometimes can be (although I've heard this has reversed in the past year, where PPVs have started to drag while Impact has done a better job of showcasing TNA as a unique product), and this PPV marks Ed Ferrara's joining the TNA booking team which now consists of him and Vince Russo. While Vince Russo on his own has no sense of pacing or the value of tradition, Ferrara has historically been his best editor, balancing his 'shock TV' ethos with a more old school, wrestling-focused viewpoint; hopefully their efforts in TNA will more closely resemble the job they did for the WWE than that of the dying days of WCW. They have an opportunity here to prove their point, that WCW was dying anyway and there was little they could do with it - I generally have enjoyed their work when they can keep each other in check, and I look forward to giving them a chance in the weeks ahead to write the endings of their career on more of a high note.


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