Thursday, July 31, 2008

The week in wrestling

As promised earlier, some random thoughts on things I haven't covered so far this week.

  • SD & Raw & ECW: I touched on these shows to the extend I'd seen them this week, I believe; which means I covered part of SD and Raw in fair detail. I didn't see ECW as it's hard to find in Canada (I know it's on Global at midnight, but I'm not sure which night of the week, and I'm usually either out or asleep at that hour anyway). But what I've heard from ECW is that Matt Hardy did an awesome promo this week on Mark Henry, which is great. He's right - a frying pan or a steel rod won't fight back against the World's Strongest Man; Matt will. I'm actually looking forward to this match. My main question is will Matt win his inevitable ECW championship here, or will they prolong it a bit as they did with his US title win? Hopefully his ECW title run lasts longer, also, might I add.
  • One more ECW thought, going back a ways; been meaning to comment on this but kept forgetting. Colin Delaney; you make this kid interesting by giving him a heel turn, and then you have him lose his first match after that push? I get not wanting to damage Tommy Dreamer even further, and getting his heat back, but surely you could have had Delaney win in a dastardly manner which wouldn't have hurt dreamer - Tony Atlas or Mark Henry could have interfered or something. Or don't have them wrestle, have them interfere in each other's matches building to a low-card PPV match, giving ECW an actual second match on a show instead of their token world title match. If it's to be a valid third brand, surely on a 7- or 8-match card they can have two matches; split the other six up among the other two.
  • Freddie Prinze Jr. as a WWE creative team member: sure this isn't just a fast track to getting his "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" wife, Sarah Michelle Gellar, as WWE's newest Diva? Just kidding ... seriously, I'm actually going to withhold judgement on this one. On the one hand, I grant it kind of bears the odour of 'stunt hire', for some mainstream publicity. But on the other, it HAS garnered some mainsteam publicity which is positive, or at least neutral (ie, not about drugs, deaths, arrests, etc.) regarding wrestling, and Freddie Prinze Jr. is an accomplished enough writer and entertainer, knows enough about how to produce good TV and give audiences what they want, that if he has at least some wrestling knowledge he could actually be a decent fit. So consider this a dubious, cautious endorsement, but some optimism nonetheless ... for now.
And that's it for now! Upcoming tomorrow and this weekend: a DVD review of "Nature Boy Ric Flair: the Definitive Collection", Smackdown reactions tomorrow night, and some thoughts on Saturday Night's Main Event ... which I won't spoil for anyone but from the spoilers *I've* read sounds desperately yawny. Thoughts on why that might be once the event has actually occurred in WWE reality. Enjoy your day, and Happy Friday tomorrow everyone! :D


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